Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Art of Words

Clarification is the best form of communication! But first lets us be clear with ourselves. Words have power! So much power that we take them & how they are said personal & to heart.
However often times our ears have built up wax from years of negative talk, & SELF DOUBT so we begin to have negative listening skills. Everything that is being said to us starts to sound as thou it is criticizing our person but is it the other person criticizing us, or are we being critical to ourselves because as much power as words have. We bring them alive! & we make them personal to our being. Sometimes we give them so much power that we attempt to spread them around because misery loves company; & WHEN YOU CAN'T SEE GOOD IN YOURSELF  it's impossible to see the good in anything else.
But let's be clear with ourselves WE ARE WONDERFULLY made & have the power to bring forth death or life & to help other's live or die! WE ARE BEAUTIFULLY crafted. So UNIQUE we are, that we should be in awe of  work that it took to create us. Everyday we should search for a word to empower the people of greatness that we are & desire to be.
We should CLEAR our ears, our minds & our spirit & communicate with ourselves with self-affirmations of the highest regards. If you think negative, then you hear negative & you listen negatively & we are positively one of the greatest beings ever made!!!
So until next time remember you are a super hero & your words are your power!

Floetic Flo

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