Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New You!
Hey Good People,
 I'm a day behind & the reason, I had to think on this one. With the Holidays upon us & the New Year tapping us on the shoulder we gain another year, we make resolutions that we've made before & attempt to change things about us that we don't like, only to have us fail somewhere midstream & then repeat the vicious cycle over again on Dec 31st of the next year; but what would happen if you CHANGE YOUR VIEW & instead of a Happy New Year concentrated on a HAPPY NEW YOU! Which would mean accepting your flaws & taking small steps to obtain change rather then gigantic leaps & fail. It would mean undressing your insecurities, getting rid of the slave mentality , or the crab in the bucket notion. A New Year means nothing if A New You didn't come along with the plan & sometimes a New You can not be obtained in a year's time if you are dealing with 31 yrs of weight gain & 26 years of depression, that's 57 years of negative exposures. Do you think 1 year can not fix all of that. The majority of us are hoarders by nature, we hold on to past loves, past life's, clothes that we can no longer wear, people that take more then what they give us & then New Year's Eve we make a plan to get rid of everything at one time which causes culture shock to our energy so when it doesn't work we consider ourselves a failure causing a Unhappy you :-(  But we don't have to be a victim to this. Each day that you wake up & strive to make it work can contribute to becoming a New You, taking a look at what's in them bags that's been holding you back on a daily basis. Not being afraid to say that the problem may just be me!  Knowing the problem is half the battle in the war;
and the Goal is to Win the War  not to keep fighting Dec 31st.
So until next time,
I wish you a HAPPY NEW YOU!

Floetic Flo

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh "HONEY" I love you!

As you all known I am a lover of natural healing so with that being said,  I thought we would take a look at one of the oldest & best natural remedies on earth. The golden brown sticky substance called Honey. It's has been around since 700 BC & is all natural. It's a 100% pure & a great source of carbohydrates. It helps to keep blood levels sustain and never goes bad. My 86 yr old mother takes a teaspoon a day because of the great healing factors that go along with the product.

Now the best type of honey is raw honey, however you have to make a start to healthy living somewhere so raw honey may not be in your price range. So I have found store honey to be great. I am not recommending that we cook with the product because once honey has been heated to 108 degrees F, it becomes a toxin know as AMA. However I do believe that it should be made in some sort of wait part of your health regiment . Here are a few ways Honey helps the body:
1.) Helps with the prevention of cancer & heart disease
2.) Reduces Ulcers
3.) Antibacterial
4.) Increase Athletic performance (1 teaspoon will help to go the extra mile)
5.) Reduce cough & throat irritation
6.) Blood, sugar regulation
7.) heal wounds & burns
8.) Probiotic
9.) Promotes beautiful skin (2 teaspoon of raw honey on face for 15 minutes & rinse)

So the next time you need an energy drink, get a pimple ( Essences magazine recommends in Janurary 13 issue) or simpley want to de-toxify your body. Grab the honey out of the cabinet & Thank God for Bee's
Until next time

Love your "Honey!"

Floetic Flo

Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's in your Garden?

What's in your garden?
A lot of times in life, we have unwanted seeds deposit into our soil. Unwanted seeds grow weeds, & rubbish which entangles us for years to come; in fact it spreads into the other gardens that surround our lives (relationships, children, self-esteem & etc) destroying the root of what could be wonderful blissfulness. Most of the times what has been deposited in our garden has nothing to do with us at the core but it's so covered by dirt that we can only see the negativity that comes from it. However we are our own planters & have the ability to uproot the rubbish & the grub that we have accumulated, but we have to know what's in our garden to begin with & lay fresh soil before we can bring forth the harvest. For example, I have examined my garden and found that I have issues of abandonment, mistrust, doubt & unworthiness because of the rejection that I received from my mother, & past relationships that I was in but as I look at the bigger picture & asked myself the question "What was in their gardens?"  "Have their roots been over saturated by life's bull?" It has help me to realize that I let their weeds grow into my plot & that their issues are their issues. My Mother would have left regardless of what I did. The Man who molested me would have molested any child who was in his grasp. NONE of this, had nothing to do with me.
1st step: Identify what is in your garden.
2nd step: Examine where the weeds came from.
3rd step: Give the responsibility to whom it belongs to (even if it is you).
4th step: Cleanse your energy & forgive whether it be yourself or others.
(You can not let weeds wrap around your life if your intention is to grow).
5th step: Start planting new seeds.

Remember YOU are the farmer of your life & loving yourself is what helps you to grow.

Until next time
Grow your flowers

Floetic Flo

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I would like to start off by saying Welcome, it my pleasure to help inspire you the reader to heal!
Whether thru poetry, natural health, prayer or affirmations. My life has been one of overcoming obstacles that were & are design to stop you from receiving the blessings that the lord & the world has instore for you. I am glad that you have decided to take this bi-monthly journey with me. Hopefully we will help each other to grow. Some of the subjects will be different, some new & some taboo but regardless we will heal.

Talk to you soon
Floetic Flo