Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh "HONEY" I love you!

As you all known I am a lover of natural healing so with that being said,  I thought we would take a look at one of the oldest & best natural remedies on earth. The golden brown sticky substance called Honey. It's has been around since 700 BC & is all natural. It's a 100% pure & a great source of carbohydrates. It helps to keep blood levels sustain and never goes bad. My 86 yr old mother takes a teaspoon a day because of the great healing factors that go along with the product.

Now the best type of honey is raw honey, however you have to make a start to healthy living somewhere so raw honey may not be in your price range. So I have found store honey to be great. I am not recommending that we cook with the product because once honey has been heated to 108 degrees F, it becomes a toxin know as AMA. However I do believe that it should be made in some sort of wait part of your health regiment . Here are a few ways Honey helps the body:
1.) Helps with the prevention of cancer & heart disease
2.) Reduces Ulcers
3.) Antibacterial
4.) Increase Athletic performance (1 teaspoon will help to go the extra mile)
5.) Reduce cough & throat irritation
6.) Blood, sugar regulation
7.) heal wounds & burns
8.) Probiotic
9.) Promotes beautiful skin (2 teaspoon of raw honey on face for 15 minutes & rinse)

So the next time you need an energy drink, get a pimple ( Essences magazine recommends in Janurary 13 issue) or simpley want to de-toxify your body. Grab the honey out of the cabinet & Thank God for Bee's
Until next time

Love your "Honey!"

Floetic Flo

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